Pocket Beach by Salvatore Matarazzo

A beach long 2,5 Km in Marina Di Massa, flanked to historical buildings, dating back to the Fascist period, that still at a distance of years, affect the territory and vacationers who frequent the beach. The territory is varied and … Continue reading Pocket Beach by Salvatore Matarazzo


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last decade, you’ve at least seen Salvatore’s strikingly bright flashwork, if not heard his name.  He’s one of the first people that comes to mind in adding a significant contribution to the modern flash zeitgeist.  Of course, we are really happy to have him join our team.  Please welcome the venerable, Salvatore Matarrazo! FF: Sal! So happy to have you aboard man, your photos are so unique to you. How did you develop this style? And how do you seem to do is so effortlessly? SAL: I’m happy to be on board, … Continue reading SAL-VATORE MATARAZZZZZZZOOOO!