Copenhagen Workshop

Full Frontal Flash and FUJIFILM Nordic Workshop, Copenhagen May 29-31 -2019

Flash as a tool for your personal vision

Join the international Full Frontal Flash Collective for a three day workshop in Copenhagen this May. The workshop will be held during the CPH Distortion Festival with its street parties as a background for us to work in. And it will be free. Yes you heard right, FUJIFILM Nordic has made it possible for you to participate in this workshop for free. FREE!

The workshop is called ‘Flash as a tool for your personal vision’ and instead of us trying to teach you how to make similar photos to ours, we will focus on how to add flash to your own style of street photography.

Our Copenhagen workshop is open for anyone to apply to and will be held in English by Full Frontal members Johan Jehlbo, Sweden, and Salvatore Matarazzo, Italy.
You apply to the workshop by sending us a small portfolio (5-10 photos) of your best street photographs together with a few lines on what you expect to get out of the workshop.

Even though the workshop is focused on helping you add flash to your own style we will look into everything from the history of flash street photography to the technical aspects of  shooting flash on the street.

The Copenhagen workshop will be held over three days and will consist of classroom time as well as photographing on the street during CPH Distortion street parties in Norrebro and Vesterbro districts of central Copenhagen. Both on your own and together with the teachers and your fellow students.

We will start the workshop wednesday morning with classroom time and shoot at the Norrebro street party in the afternoon and evening. On thursday we will meet around lunch and then shoot all evening at the Vesterbro party. On friday we will be back in the classroom to go through your photos from the previous days. The workshop will come to an end on friday afternoon. You will get your full schedule closer to the dates.

To apply to the Full Frontal Flash workshop please send a portfolio, 5-10 of your best street photographs, to fullfrontalworkshop [AT] together with a few lines on what you expect to get out of the workshop.
Deadline, April 25.

Take the opportunity to join us for these three days in wonderful Copenhagen.

Johan Jehlbo and Salvatore Matarazzo, Full Frontal
In partnership with FUJIFILM Nordic

Requirements for attending the workshop

-Digital camera with a lens on the wider side (preferable 28-35mm full frame equivalent)
-Some way to get the flash off camera. Chord, radio trigger etc.
-Laptop/iPad or whatever you use to edit your work.
-Usb memory stick
(If you don’t have a flash or a the gear to get your flash off camera, we will help you get a loaner).

Basic knowledge of your equipment and some sort of understanding and open mind regarding street photography.

(Just because the workshop is free for you, it is not actually free to make. FUJIFILM Nordic has been very generous and If you get accepted and agree to attend the workshop, we expect you to participate.)

Full Frontals Copenhagen Workshop from Full Frontal (Flash) Collective on Vimeo.