Gavin Bragdon


Profile GavinOriginally from the US, I’ve been moving around back and forth across the Atlantic since I was 6 years old. Since 2009 I have been here in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In 2011 I was in a rut creatively with music. I did, like almost anyone else take photographs but it was a side thing and not taken very seriously. Eventually I picked up the camera and just decided to take pictures of the world around me, not just of the obvious (monuments, the castle and so on) but of things we just pass by and take for granted…how an alleyway is transformed by the way the sun hits it, rail tracks and so on.

The big revelation however came when I watched Genius of Photography and was introduced to street photography and the idea of the so-called “decisive moment”. It articulated what I had been slowly picking up on in the couple months prior: that underneath all the day to day mundanity, underneath all that we take for granted as we rush from point A to B, there are pictures, beauty and small details that speak volumes when framed in a rectangle amongst the movie that plays in front of our eyes. The streets and routines that I had grown bored of now had a new resonance and thrummed with a newfound energy.

Since then I have enrolled in a photography course at the local college/university which has introduced me to different genres of the medium but at the end of the day it is still the act of going out on the street and recording (and sometimes distorting) reality that really gets me to pull out my camera.