An Experimental Interview with Safia Delta

Safia Delta is an artist from the South of France.  In a progression through years of unique projects, her work has evolved into more of a question than an answer.  What she deems beautiful does not necessarily coincide with aesthetic, but more her own visceral reaction.

In preparing for our interview I read everything that I can find: she’s been interviewed many times (and I encourage you to read when you have time here, and here, and quite eloquently here).  Deciding to do something a bit different, we wanted to do a sound interview.  To play off the visceral aspect of sound and music with a blank screen as a question, something to allow Safia to project her own meaning within.  Her answers are beautiful and experimental.  (It is also an interesting parallel to note that the video was made in the order it is presented, so her fluency within video and visual representation can be seen evolving over the course of the interview).

Special thanks to Nicholas Dominic Talvola for performing the first question!

Also, check out Safia’s website at:

**This is not a typical Facebook-length video, please consider bookmarking or saving this interview if you do not have a moment to watch it in its 9 minute entirety.  Also, it’s not a typical interview–its a thought exchange without tangible questions… BUT, it is beautiful**