Nayeem ‘Jabaz’ Siddiquee 

We are honored to introduce Nayeem “Jabaz” Siddiquee as our latest member. Son of a Bangladeshi navy lieutenant, designer by trade and flash photographer by choice.

Welcome to Full Frontal (Flash), we’re really happy to have you as a member!

Tell us something about yourself.
My full name is A B M Nayeem Siddiquee but people know me as Nayeem Jabaz. I am a graphic designer by profession but photographer by passion.  I am a very shy and lazy person who is always late everywhere, loves to eat a lot and is happily single. My family members are directly and indirectly involved in corporate jobs, especially in the textile industry. I have also studied Textile Engineering at the University, but while doing a corporate job like others, I realized that I am not the right person to do it, or rather that I do not want to waste the rest of my life in a profession that I do not enjoy at all .

When did you start with photography 
My story began when I was 10 years old. My father is an ex lieutenant of the Bangladesh Navy, he had traveled many countries with his film cameras where he used to shoot photos of different places. When he came back from his trips, I was a bit surprised to see how the world looked through his photos. Although I was not allowed to touch his camera, I used to imagine what I would do if I got the camera. I believe my journey in photography started from that time in my childhood. 

During my graduation period I started photography with my first VGA  phone camera  . Later I bought a better phone which had a 2MP camera. I shot black and white at the time.

When and why did you start to use a flash? 
There are two reason why I started shooting flash photos. First when I see through my camera I can feel the floating souls and the surrealism of life around myself.

The second reason is  that I shoot during the evening. I try to shoot my city, that no one shot before.

Could you describe your photographic style?
It’s a difficult question. I think the answer is temporary. My photos are part of my own experience of life. I try  to shoot what I feel about my life. I shoot myself, the people I meet, or the places I go and try to publish the photograph that reflects me. I am learning art and designing at the same time and the benefit of this is that I am applying my photography experience in my work and my design knowledge in photography.

Show us five flash photos and tell us something about them

The place where I took this photo, is a cattle market near my home. On that day, as it was becoming dark, the sky suddenly turned in to a bloody red color. The cows were on their way to be slaughtered. This was the last journey of their life. The feelings of fear in their eyes on their last journey under the bloody-red sky, touched me to take the image. In contrast, the driver was quite calm, and cold. Isn’t that what life is about?

This was my first experience with flash. I didn’t even have my own camera at that time. A friend of mine gave his camera to shoot in the Rath Yathra festival. I still remember the craziness and surrealism of life floating everywhere around me.

I spent half of my life at the beach. About this photo, I can still remember that half of my body was under the sea water. A cyclone was going to hit the country  so the sea was crazy and the boys were playing with mighty water. A small mistake and I would have had to say bye bye to my Canon 1300D camera.

The photo was taken in the weekly pet market of my town. It was the time when I used to do boring jobs and I left my office early to shoot this place. After three months of trying, I found the perfect rooster crowing photo on that day.

“Snow does not fall here”, I have never seen snow fall, I heard it’s beautiful. but my imagination always love to know how the snow falls look like.

Thank you Nayeem and again, welcome to the Full Frontal (Flash) Collective. We’re happy to welcome you onboard.